How much do we charge?  We charge £25.00 per person for the first hour and then £12.50 for each 30 minute period per person,  Before starting any work, we will discuss fully what you would like us to do and how long we estimate it will take.  Our rates for labour are based on total time at site, not per job; in other words if you would like us to cut the lawns, change a washer and hang a new curtain pole – then you would pay for the time taken to complete all three tasks, not for three separate tasks.

Do you charge for quotes / advice?  We are very happy to come and visit you and discuss your job completely free of charge.  We’re also more than happy to offer our advice for free. We will happily provide you with a verbal estimate at the time of our visit and prepare a written estimate if required.  We will be as open as humanly possible when quoting for materials and labour, but ask that you understand that being human, these estimates can be inaccurate.  If we foresee running over our estimate, we will advise you of what has happened and why.  Run-overs can be down to many unforeseen reasons such as problems arising during works / availability of materials. 

What’s included in your price? Our estimate will show how long we expect the job to take and what materials may be required.  We use a variety of suppliers, based on quality, availability, convenience and price.  Items such as screws, non specialist sealants / caulks, standard paints such as white emulsion / primer / undercoat / gloss paint, sand, aggregates, lime & cement for mortar, will be charged for as a nominal amount – where we either keep the item in stock and use regularly, or where we feel it reasonable that we will be able to reuse the product elsewhere.   Materials that have to be bought especially for that job such as mixed paints will be charged in full for the item/s at the start of the job and we may ask the client to pay for these at the start of the job – if unused / surplus  items can be returned to the supplier, this credit (less any restocking costs)  will be returned to the client.  If we require a deposit, this will be made clear in our estimate and will be deducted from the final bill.

How long will you take? For some simple jobs we may be able to give you an idea immediately, for other jobs we won’t be able to estimate until we see the job / site, this is so we can evaluate access / special considerations that you may not have realised, As we often have back to back projects it is in our interests that we finish on schedule to prevent delays to our next clients, if we are running late, or work is taking longer then expeted,  then we will keep you informed.

When/how should we pay you? At the end of the job we will confirm that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. As you’ll appreciate, being a small business we naturally welcome prompt payment. We welcome cashcheque and even Paypal.  

What hours / days do you work?  We normally work Monday to Friday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm, but wherever possible we are happy to accommodate alternative hours / start earlier / finish later.  (Please note that under sections 60 & 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, the use of noisy equipment such as jack hammers etc, is limited to between 8 am & 6 p,m Monday to Friday, 8 am & 1 pm on Saturdays and should not be operated on Sundays and Bank Holidays.)

Where do we cover? We are based in Corsham, Wiltshire and typically cover Corsham, Box, Neston, Chippenham and neighbouring villages and towns; by prior arrangement we can also be booked to undertake work further afield, however this may incur addtional travelling costs which will be made clear in our estimate. (For instance we have recently undertaken work in Blandford, Dorset and Richmond, Surrey.

Is there anything we can’t do? As a competant handyman there is very little that I’m not prepared to turn my hand to; however we will defer all gas work to a registered Gas Safe engineer and new electrical installations to qualified electricians. Similiarly, we will pass work on to reputable colleagues should we be unable to manage the work ourselves or that require specialist skills / equipment.

Are you insured? YES, but more importantly, we value our reputation and the safety of everyone around us above anything else and will not do anything to jeopardise them

Do you carry identification? We carry photographic Identification with them at all times.  If we have arranged for a third party to attend on our behalf, they too will carry photographic ID.  If you have ANY doubts whatsoever, ask the person attending to remain outside and ring Get Mark on 07785 550885

Don’t I know you from somewhere? Probably!  Mark & Hayley moved to Wiltshire in 2003 when they took over the Hare and Hounds in Pickwick, Corsham.  When we took over the pub we found it in a shocking condition, over the following months we set about a full redecoration and refurbishment of the property.  In the years that followed Mark could be regularly seen undertaking major projects such as the landscaping of the new gardens; repainting the stone exterior with limewash; constructing the new back bar.  Over the years we have bought and renovated houses, fitting bathroms and overhauling kitchens and utility rooms as well as plenty of decorating and even constructing treehouses!